An inspiring collection, the Chevron Collection offers remarkable visuals that redefine what you can expect from high performance luxury vinyl flooring. This classic flooring stays true to its namesake offers three striking visuals from soulful abstractions to exquisite wood and solid color blocking.



For a more soulful design, our STUDIO floors feature an extraordinary color palette over a hard-wearing cementitious texturing. Each tile is considered a work of art with its own unique character to enhance any environment.

Artworks  ©copyright 2018 Michelle Whojeong Lee



With an embossed-in-register design, our WOOD floors joins the look and warmth of hardwood visuals with matching texturing for incredible realism.



Featuring a cementitious texturing, COLOR floors bring durability and beauty to any design space. With a modern color palette, COLOR also offers designers the option of color matching customization based on project needs to create fully immersive branded environments.

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of the Chevron collection.

2021 Color Study #2 – Mid-Century Modern – THE HOUSE OF JOSHUA® N.01 Chevron collection’s CANDELA

The second interior design and color trend that is making its rounds in 2021 and 2022 is mid-century modern! This trend started before this year but it’s still ongoing with lots of art deco including geometric arches, unconventional rainbows, plants, and landscapes...

2021 Color Study #1 – 70’s Retro – THE HOUSE OF JOSHUA® N.01 Chevron Collection’s DECA

Good trends always come back! One of the interior design and color trends of 2021 and 2022 that caught our eye was the 70’s retro. Depending on the source, the retro palette consists of a vibrant or muted orange, yellow, blue, and brown with red and beige sometimes...


At The House of JoshuaⓇ we are committed to producing eco-friendly LVT to ensure they are safe for sensitive individuals and acceptable for use in environments like schools, offices, and healthcare facilities. We invite you to watch the short clip below or visit our...


The House of Joshua Corporation is thrilled to announce the completion of our third year as a designer-first design studio and consulting business. To commemorate this milestone, CEO/Founder Michelle Lee gave us her insight on the growth and accomplishments of the...

Floor Covering Weekly

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Interior Design: Gensler Product: The House of Joshua® Chevron Collection, MADRA Installation Date: March, 2020 IRVINE, CA; June 3, 2020 - With the look and feel of real hardwood and the durability of luxury vinyl tile (LVT), The House of Joshua’s Chevron Collection...

THE HOUSE OF JOSHUA Trademark Registration

 The House of Joshua has received our official brand trademark registration. We are excited to add this value to our corporation and to show you our revised logo. Thank you for your continued support!

NEW Herringbone Click Option

New Herringbone Click Option Want to replace flooring without removing your existing foundation? Need flooring that’s waterproof? Interested in a click product? The House of Joshua™ has your project design needs covered! On a special project basis, our unique Chevron...

A closer look at THJ’s Chevron LVT Dryback Collection

A closer look at THJ's Chevron LVT Dryback Collection The defining quality of the Chevron Collection is in how expertly it installs thanks to our precision manufacturing process. Check out our Chevron floor specs, see the ease and perfection of our installation...

Happy New Year Email Newsletter

Hello, (click here for the external link) New year, new design possibilities and trends! The close of 2018 has been stellar for The House of Joshua. We not only launched our designer-first design studio out of Orange County, California, but also brought to market our...

FloorScore® – Low-VOC certified; GreenGuard® Gold Certified for Office and School Rooms; CDPH 01350 Compliant (IAQ); 100% Recyclable; Contributes to LEED® Credits, Made with Non-Phthalate Plasticizers, Manufactured by ISO 14001-Certified Facility

Designed by THE HOUSE OF JOSHUA®, California